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I have developed an addiction over the last couple of months which is providing me with a wonderful high, although the habit is proving to be expensive.  I have weathered two music festivals, the Sydney Writers Festival and next week I’m launching into the Sydney Film Festival. World music, blues and jazz have pulsated through my veins. International writers, including many of our home grown Australian authors, have kept my endorphin levels up and guaranteed that my neurological system continues to function. I was on such a high by the end of last week that I was like a jack in the box. Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that a little sedation might have been appropriate.

What was it about the Sydney Writers’ Festival that left me in a state of euphoria? The enthusiasm of the author, his or her capacity to draw me into their text, to transport me into unfamiliar spaces, other countries or imaginary worlds. Until the Writers Festival I had never heard of Reza Aslan, William Dalrymple, the accomplished young writer Kalinda Ashton or the monologist Mike Daisy. But by the end of the week, I knew them all.

Australian publishers outlined their readiness for e-publishing, although they anticipate that e-books will only constitute 1-2% of their market in the next financial year. I raced down the hallway to Interrogating Twitter because I didn’t want to be locked out of the digital revolution and what did I find – that the session was full. I was furious because I don’t want to be a fossil!

At future festivals retirees should demand that the principles of affirmative action be applied to all sessions related to the digital revolution. We need neuro enhancement as much as anyone in the gen X or Y category. They can wait at the back of the que.


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