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NSW Writers Centre courses inspire, challenge the imagination and make you laugh while simultaneously calming the adrenal glands. Following a short meditation practice we were asked by our teacher, Joyce Kornblatt, to transport ourselves into an imaginary world. Feeling stumped and working to a very short dead line, my tranquillity took flight. Like a young child I immediately thought of fairies and Santa Claus. Feeling the pressure of time, Santa Claus won out.

If I could fly like Santa Claus, drop down chimneys, sashay through open windows or magically walk through locked doors, the contents of my stockings would bring joy to every corner of the earth. Every household would have an abundance of water, fresh food and stockings that contain a love potion. This would ensure that anyone in need of a soft touch, a kind word or a thoughtful gesture would have their needs met instantly. If I could anchor a happiness cloud over every house, for just one day, then I would be content with my imaginary world.


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