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There aren’t too many things that make me speechless, but this morning I was floored. I was shocked to read that the Australian government had allocated an additional $487m in this year’s budget for enhanced protective measures in Afghanistan. How can Australia continue to be involved in a war when relations between President Hamid Karzai and the US deteriorated, earlier this year, to the point that Karzai was threatening to join the Taliban if the US didn’t stop telling him how to run the country. Karzai accused the west of interfering in last year’s Presidential elections and behaving like invaders rather than allies of his government.

While ever Australia, as a US ally, continues to pump money into the war in Afghanistan, we will see more refugees arriving in boats. Having helped to create this refugee problem the Australian government believes it needs to invest more money on border protection i.e. eight new patrol vessels, including $42.6 million over four years for ongoing costs.  There is $471million for offshore asylum seeker management, $32.9 million over four years to help Indonesia combat people smuggling and $143.8 million for upgrading the detention centre at Curtin and other onshore facilities.

While ever civilian deaths continue to grow in Afghanistan, the west has Buckley’s chance of ever winning the so-called war against terrorism. Everyone knows the Karzai government is corrupt. Even Obama is beginning to realise that lecturing and threatening Kazai merely gets his back up. That’s why the White house has changed its’ strategy to wooing him. It will be interesting to see if rolling out the red carpet, over the last few days in Washington, brings about any change in Karzai’s attitude to the US.

If, by the end of this financial year, Australia withdrew its’ troops from Afghanistan the government could save $487m. That money could be used for preventative health services for aging baby boomers. Now I’d fully support that budget item.


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